Winter Help Part 2: Visualizing Spring

Here it is, the end of January, and I can’t stop thinking about Spring.  Undoubtedly, the 60 degree day we had on Saturday has something to do with it.  I start wondering how large the crocus clumps will be this year, or where will the self seeded flowers start popping up? There is much surprise with Spring.  I try to remember what tulips I added in the fall or if I tried anything new. Spring is just very exciting, plant wise.

Until it is actually time to start seeing some growth, I will have to spend my time flipping through seed catalogues and visualizing what I want to try new this year.  One thing that may keep me occupied til late February, when I can start some of my seeds, is growing ginger inside.  We use so much ginger, it would be wise to grow some ourselves.  Also on my mind is to keep a garden journal, one that may be a little bland and scientific.  Bloom times/types of flowers/movement of the sun through the season.

So, even though Spring is a little far away, I can keep busy….anxiously eager to start seeds….but busy.

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