• Consultations-$150 

Consultations are the beginning to a beautiful space.   We walk through the garden and discuss what you envision.  I ask questions of what you want to grow, and how much time you have.  We discuss the reality of the project. I help you understand the light, microclimates, and the plants that will fit best.  After we chat, I follow up with an email summarizing our discussion.  I include possible plants as well as pertinent info about your garden “to be.”  An estimate for the work involved will be provided, if you want me to create your garden or if you want to work together in creating it.  

  • Garden Sitting and Basic Gardening– $100/hour with additional hours, in the same visit, at $80/hour

Garden sitting is a visit when you are out of town and want your garden to maintain its tip top shape. Basic gardening includes spring and fall cleanups, planting, maintaining, watering, pruning, feeding, and organic practices with any problems.  

Please email me about your specific garden needs.

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