Shaking the Winter Blues

The first winter storm we had. Snow is beautiful.

We’ve hit it here in Chicago, that single digit, windy, dry, icy, cold winter weather that I, personally, dread.¬† What is one to do to help fight the urge to cry?

Some thoughts:

  • Read about nature, food, and gardening. book2 bookbook3
  • Comb through the garden catalogs that have started to show up in the mail.seed catalogs
  • Cook a soup with Herbes de Provence¬† (most blends have lavender in them, the floral really lightens your mood).soup herbs
  • Watch all the Caribbean tv shows and movies you can find (Rockers, Captain Ron are good places to start).
  • Spend some money on a good candle (go for a floral or tropical summer scent).
  • Sort through your seed packets, discarding super old ones, organizing what is left (Do this now!¬† Once the weather turns nice, you’ll only want to be outside).
  • Hit up the local conservatory or botanical garden, the indoor parts.garfield
  • Stay strong, you will make it! Spend time with your pet in the meanwhile.cecil

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