The first winter storm we had. Snow is beautiful.

We’ve hit it here in Chicago, that single digit, windy, dry, icy, cold winter weather that I, personally, dread.¬† What is one to do to help fight the urge to cry?

Some thoughts:

  • Read about nature, food, and gardening. book2 bookbook3
  • Comb through the garden catalogs that have started to show up in the mail.seed catalogs
  • Cook a soup with Herbes de Provence¬† (most blends have lavender in them, the floral really lightens your mood).soup herbs
  • Watch all the Caribbean tv shows and movies you can find (Rockers, Captain Ron are good places to start).
  • Spend some money on a good candle (go for a floral or tropical summer scent).
  • Sort through your seed packets, discarding super old ones, organizing what is left (Do this now!¬† Once the weather turns nice, you’ll only want to be outside).
  • Hit up the local conservatory or botanical garden, the indoor parts.garfield
  • Stay strong, you will make it! Spend time with your pet in the meanwhile.cecil

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