warm winter dayHere in Chicago, we had an amazingly warm winter day this past Saturday.  Friday brought 60+mph winds, and Saturday followed with 60+degree temperatures!  It felt like winning the lottery.  I took full advantage and got to work cleaning up the garden.

If you get a warm day, try this list.  You won’t disturb the subtleties of the soil, and you’ll feel like you are on the road to Spring!

  • Pick up the trash.
  • Adjust, rearrange the rocks and bricks heaved by freeze.
  • Observe and enjoy the bulbs starting to come up!warm winter crocus
  • Add  a new bed (Layer newspaper, cardboard, and mulch.  Water and wait til Spring to plant.).
  • Turn the compost pile.
  • Sort seeds and compile a list of what/when to start them inside (8-10 weeks before frost date is about now for Chicago).warm winter seeds

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