I’m a weather watcher.  It is one of the first things I do each morning, and as Spring starts creeping in, I always take note of the upcoming highs and nighttime lows.  To my dismay, I saw that this Friday and Saturday, the lows are to be in the teens.  I started thinking about how this will affect the growth of my Spring bulbs.

Most Spring bulbs are not as delicate as we may assume, they know that mother nature is a wild woman.  Many of the bulbs are going to be fine since they aren’t flowering yet.  Crocus and snowdrops, I am not worried about.  I do have some concern about the green leaves of my tulips that are popping up.  I will take some  precaution and cover them with boxes and the odd sheet overnight.  At the worst, some bulbs may not do great this year, but I am optimistic that they will store up energy for the next year.  Nature is powerful at all levels.  Take heart that these bulbs may have more understanding about the time of year they decide to emerge than you think.


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