When we look at a garden, we are attracted to color.  It’s very much like painting or music.  The layers and tones induce a feeling and make the work of art.  Echinacea in reds and pinks mix nicely with black eyed susans, a very cheerful spot.


Rudbeckia and Cleome, both tall and stunning, create a bold look.  This year, I had a few surprise rudbeckia pop up.  In my garden, I tend to leave seed heads for the birds to eat throughout the winter.  This lends itself to some surprises the next year, but welcome surprises.

Adding a bench to this spot allows to viewer to watch the flowers dance in the breeze.

I always admire wistful gardens.  Adding a bench to this spot allows to viewer to watch the flowers dance in the breeze. At the Chicago Botanic Gardens, they’ve welcomed the airy quality of dreamy summer days with with tall purple verbena and white cosmos.

Here the purple lilies and the pink, fill the air with grace.

Even in a pond, the lilies chosen can be many varieties of color, from yellows to pinks to purples. Here the purple lilies and the pink water iris, fill the air with grace.

When you enter a garden, take notice of the colors and the feelings you have as you wonder through.

Red is confident, bold, and passionate.

Pink is a symbol of love and beauty.

Orange is warmth, strength, and enthusiasm.

Yellow is cheer and optimism.

Greens are fertile, brighter and darker variations are always eye catching in a shady spot.

Blue is loyal and peaceful.

Purple is majestic, mysterious, and imaginative.

White is pure and light.  Often night blooming flowers, like moon flower, are white and fragrant in the evening to attract moths.

Take a look at your space.  Keep a journal on the color combos you find most appealing.  As the years continue, you find your garden is often an extension of yourself.

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