Lauren’s Woodsy Wonder

This past week, I had the pleasure of visiting Lauren’s garden.  Shaded by a large pine and plum tree, her garden is ruled by shade and slivers of light.  Great on the hottest summer days, but lending little space for veggies, Lauren has made great use of two small plots, one of tomatoes and one of peppers.


Between her and her neighbor’s garages lies a little hidden space with huge potential.  It gets mostly full sun.  Using the found brick and rock already there, this could easily be transformed (the the help of new soil and compost)  into a beautiful raised vegetable garden.









Another hidden gem is the “trash garden.”  Take out the trash and SURPRISE! The sweet smell of mint and a small burst of color and texture with a fern and annuals! Both porches are furnished with rocking chairs, leaving you no reason not to sit and listen to the breeze. Lauren has grand plans for more shade plants and hopes in the next year to fill out around her patio, but as most things in life, it’s a journey.

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