jen2Meet Jen Trok, tattoo artist and newbie to gardening.  Everytime I see one of Jen’s floral works, I always smile. tattoo5 She adds a folk twist, that is somewhat intrinsic to the art of tattoo, to garden inspired tattoos.  She claims that all her plant knowledge comes from requests, including this gin inspired work.

Inspired by the drink of gin! Juniper berries
Inspired by gin! Juniper berries

Jen has been working as a tattoo artist for 16 years. She has drawn since she was a child.  Much of her inspiration comes from old school artists like Sailor Jerry whose tattoos are more water color like and stylized.  To keep tradition, Jen constantly creates and makes up flash sheets, which are available imagery she has drawn.  Just to note, Jen is a busy lady.  If you are interested in speaking with her about a tattoo, she is booked up to 3 months in advance.  tattoo4 tattoo2 tattoo1

With her new house and garden, she hopes to spend time out in the garden, being inspired by nature.  She’s got a good start.  Her house comes fully loaded with some great garden staples like daylily, clematis, hosta, rose, bleeding heart, a Japanese Maple, and a Crab apple tree.



She hopes to not kill anything her first year and to learn a bit more about ground covers.  Great lesson is to take it slow, gardening can be overwhelming.  This year her plans are to continue with her container gardening as she learns a bit more about her space.

dusty miller and salvia
dusty miller and salvia
Containers planted with catnip, spinach, parsley, and wheatgrass.
Containers planted with catnip, spinach, parsley, and wheat grass. If you notice, the catnip is already gone.

Jen does have some great hopes to attract cats to her yard by planting some catnip.  Soon the neighborhood will wonder where their cats have gone.  They’re hanging at Jen’s.  Perhaps we will see a few more cats in Jen’s next flash sheet.

A yard flamingo left by the previous owners, kitschy but cute.
A yard flamingo left by the previous owners.



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