wilmette2I love wild spots.  I like nicely maintained spaces too, but seeing native plants in the appropriate soil/light/zone is the most pure portrait of the land we can have.  There is a movement happening in Chicago land area to reestablish the native plant scene.  It’s like liking the local bands, it’s beautiful!


Recently, I have found out about a spot in Wilmette right along the Lake that is just magical.  The stairway down leads you along a path of lobelia, echinacea, blue vervain, golden rod, aster, yarrow, and milkweed.


As you meander through the dunes, you reach Lake Michigan where you can relax and watch the waves.  It is such a serene spot.  Hard to believe it is just on the edge of a neighborhood.

These flowers steal the show and should be additions to your garden next year!

Lobelia, Cardinal flower, a hummingbird favorite.  Dried and thrown to the wind by Mesquakie Indians to subside approaching storms.  Also added to love potions.  Pretty powerful plant!wilmette3

Blue vervain, a favorite of Native Indians to sooth fits, and used by American Revolution era herbalists as a health tonic.

wilmette5Please note, do not try to be an herbalist without proper training.  Dry plants, grow plants, but don’t ingest unless you know what is what.

Enjoy the wilderness!


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