Plant Verbenia bonariensis with Care

benchI have greatly admired Verbena bornariensis since I spotted it at the Chicago Botanic Garden last summer.  It’s a wispy tall plant with fragrant purple flowers, very attractive to butterflies.  Also known as “purple top” and “South American vervain,”  it is hardy zones 7-11.  As a Northern gardener, I have started some seed this year.  It is grown in Chicago’s zone 5/6 as an annual, but please take care if you live in warmer zones This Verbena self seeds readily and has become an invasive plant in Southern and Western States.   Be conscious of the plants you introduce and the implications of your gardening habits.  For Northern gardeners, I feel that this is a beautiful annual, but if you live any zone warmer than 6, try an alternative, like Milkweed.  Milkweed offers a wonderful honey scent and is in dire need to be planted in gardens for our Monarch butterflies to survive.

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