Start Perennials from Seed

Red admiral butterflies on purple coneflower
Red admiral butterflies on purple coneflower

Starting plants from seed is the best way to ensure you are not putting unwanted pesticides and chemicals into your yard.  You’ll have happy pollinators with a healthy food supply.

Growing perennials is extra rewarding, since you’ll see your efforts return year after year. Here are a few full sun options to try:

  • Coneflower (comes in a variety of new colors, but purple is the original, butterfly magnet, winter seeds feed birds)
  • Shasta Daisy (cheerful white daisy)
  • Yarrow (clusters of tiny flowers with fern-like foliage, likes it hot and dry)
  • Rudbeckia (bright yellow flowers that attract butterflies)
  • Painted Daisy (fern-like foliage and pink daisy flowers)
  • Columbine (shooting star flower, usually bi-colored, reseeds readily)
  • Penstemon (tubular flowers that attract hummingbirds , come in a variety or colors, likes dry conditions.  I’m starting Firecracker, a show stopping orange/red that can take a little shade)

Most of these need to be started anywhere from 10 weeks to 6 weeks before the last frost date.  Starting seeds can help alleviate those winter blues.  So smile, Spring is on its way!


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