Expanding an Old Bed

Today, a lovely 45 degrees, brought me outdoors to cleanup for spring.  I had been thinking of expanding a bed into the yard for quite awhile now.  Since my pinwheel marigolds went a little crazy last summer and shaded out the grass anyhow, I figured it was easy enough to cover dead grass.  I used some old garden soil and dug out some compost from the bottom of the pile and there it is, expanded bed. (if you want to expand on grass that was alive and thriving, you can use a layer of cardboard, and then damp newspaper before layering the soil and compost)

Now,  I’ve never had luck with poppies from seed, but I’m taking a page out of MrBrownThumb’s book and tossing them about along with some Penny Black.  Let the experiment begin!

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  1. Thanks, Ellen 🙂

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