Starting Seeds

It’s about the 8-10 weeks before the time you would want to transplant, so start some of those seeds.  I’ve chosen bee balm, salvia, eggplant, and bell vine.  You can use an old egg carton as your container.

  1. poke holes in the bottom of each egg container
  2. moisten soil
  3. stir it with either a toothpick or your finger to make sure it’s all damp
  4. plant seeds to the depth instructed on the packet
  5. mist and cover with plastic wrap to make a little greenhouse
  6. set on window sill (I set mine of the radiator so the soil warms and the seeds germinate).  Note: some seeds need light to germinate, not just warmth.
  7. mist with water daily
  8. watch and wait, the seed packets will give you an estimate on the length of time til germination
  9. once they’ve sprouted, you will want to move them under a plant light (more details to follow)

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