smokeI hope you all made it though the weekend of fireworks and BBQs in one piece.  The evening of the Fourth, there was so much smoke in the air.  I thought it was certainly from the war zone of fireworks that had been going on for hours and hours.  It appears that, along with all the fireworks, the smoke from a forest fire in Canada was creating an extra haze in Chicago.


Pondering smoke, I thought about how it could be useful in my garden.  Smoke masks the “alarm” pheromone in bees.  Bee keepers have used smoke to get into hives for ages.  I have a lot of bees, and my garden is very wild. Getting to my water faucet requires having to push a few things aside.  To try to soothe the bees a bit, I have been lighting incense and waving it around the path before I charge in.  It helps disperse bees and wasps while I make my way into their domain.  An added benefit is, the early morning work in the garden feels like a ritual, a special time in the day in the garden.

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