This is my first heirloom Moonflower!  I planted these seeds late in the season, mid-summer (the instructions were to sow as soon as the ground had warmed to 50 degrees); therefore, my late sowing begot late blooms.  The flowers are about 5-6 inches across and fragrant.  My understanding is that they bloom at night or on overcast days.  Living in the city, I think these guys are just blooming when they can.


Moonflower will need something sturdy to climb, like a fence or trellis.  They like full sun and moist soil.  The seeds are poisonous, so take that into consideration before planting (especially if you have children or pets).  They will readily reseed, which I’m looking forward to.  This will be a staple in my garden from here on out.


I planted this plant with hyacinth bean vine, a nice combination.  Both seeds are available at Botanical Interests.

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