Christmas Ideas for the Gardener in Your Life!

beehouseIt’s the “most wonderful time of the year!”  Well, sort of.  It’s winter and gardeners are just not themselves this time of year.  There’s not much to do except turn the compost on warm days and feed the birds.  What to get the gardener for Christmas?!


Indoor gardening kits (these can range from a desk top size to a full indoor set up)

Houses for bees, butterflies, bats, or birds

Gift certificates to organic and heirloom seed companies (Baker Creek, Seed Savers)

Garden gloves (you can never have too many)

Sharpening tools for pruners and loppers

Waterproof shoes for summer and winter

Annual memberships to Botanic Gardens

Gift certificates to local nurseries (ones that don’t use pesticides on their seedlings)

Neem oil  (the only thing you need to control issues in an organic garden)


Garden Journals that provide a place to map out past, current, and future garden plans

Fancy tomato frames or other vegetable supports

Books on organic gardening specific to the region your gardener lives in

Magazine subscriptions to Organic Gardening or Chicagoland Gardening

Birding books

Epsom Salt Bath Soaks for tired muscles

xmas owl

Good Luck and Holidays!!!!


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