Make a Garden a Refuge

ilbeach17It seems that bees are still in trouble, the monarchs are diminishing in number, and California is out of water.  The news can be so overwhelming and can make you feel helpless.  I believe we can all do just a little to make things better.  Your garden is a refuge.  Make it as safe as you can by using organic practices.  Mimic nature and feel good about it.

  • Harvest rain water.   I have a rain barrel for watering my front plot.
  • Plant flowers as well as vegetables.  Our bees need a safe place to get food.
  • Plant organic plants.  Residues of pesticides from growers can stay on plants for over a year.
  • Compost.  This can be as simple as a pile in the unseen corner of your garden.  If you plan on composting kitchen scraps, then get a rodent proof compost.
  • Start with organic soil.  Soil is the foundation of your garden.
  • Use neem oil.  It is a safe and organic way to combat fungal, mildew, and bug issues.
  • Add diversity.  Learn how to plan for blooms throughout the entire growing season, Spring through Fall.
  • Plant milkweed.  Monarch food!
  • Do a little research and avoid planting invasive species.
  • Give yourself a place to sit, relax, and observe.  It is amazing to watch bugs and birds that we often miss in our normal day to day life.


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