Aquilegia, Columbine

columbine4Columbine has a light, airy flower shaped like a comet or a star burst.  Such a whimsical nature is fitting for this short lived woodland perennial (Because it is short lived, it is often classified as a biennial).  I can just imagine little gnomes and squirrels dancing around them.  Hardy to zone 3 and adaptable, columbine will grow in part shade and full sun.  It self seeds readily and is drought tolerant, making it great for naturalizing.  I started with just one plant and a few seeds; and now, I have columbine ranging in colors from yellow to pink to deep maroon.  Some have taken on a double petal, very interesting.  You will find columbine blooming in late spring/early summer in colors ranging from white to yellow to blue.  Every year, it is a surprise to see what color the new plants’ blooms will be. columbine3


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