Puerto Rico, Tropical and Beautiful


oldsanjuanThe beginning of February, we took a trip to Puerto Rico.  I had never been, and actually had never really thought much about it.  I knew that there was an old walled city, Old San Juan, and a dock for cruise ships.  Little did I realize what a gem this United States Territory is.  casablancagardenOne of the fountains at the gardens of Ponce de Leon’s home, Casa Blanca.   The gardens are sunken, with the house rising around them.  luquillobeachWe moved on to Luquillo towards the East end of the island.  The beaches were orange, to my surprise.  The waters in Luquillo varied from beach to beach.  In a 45min walk along the first three heading east, I observed high waves for surfing, calmer waters for swimming, and a natural coral reef!  I am a firm believer in the salt air and humidity for a healthy life.  Puerto Rico has it!window

We could see coconut and breadfruit trees from our windows, as well as hear the ocean.  At night, coqui frogs sing, and it’s amazing.

elyunqueviewEl Yunque, the rainforest, is right there.  I mere 10 minute drive from Luquillo.

peteelyunque elyunque petewaterfall treepalmsWaterfalls, cascading pools, lush green, and tree ferns!  It’s like being in the Fern Room at Garfield Park Conservatory, but real and everywhere!  Puerto Rico has so much to offer.  We’re already planning a trip back to see the islands of Culebra and Vieques, as well as the bio-luminous bays.

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