garlicIt’s time! It’s time to harvest the garlic.  When the top four leaves are about half brown, it’s ready.  You are suppose to stop watering for a few days and then dig them out.  I did neither.  First of all, my garden is not very formal, and therefore, the garlic did not have a specific bed unto themselves.  SO, I continued to water, and I pulled them out.  You’ll have to decide what you want to do.  I guess it all depends on your garden style and needs.  The only thing that happened with my way was that I lost half a bulb.  Not too bad.

After you’ve pulled your garlic, get them out of the sun quickly (they actually will sunburn).

Next, cure.  I’ve placed mine on my back porch stairs. It’s cool and dark.  They’re to cure for 3 weeks.  After picking and the leaves have turned brown, you can braid the stalks or trim stalks and fibrous roots to half an inch.  Remember, keep your bulbs dark and cool.  In the meantime, I’ve used some uncured cloves in a spaghetti sauce (it’s also tomato time at my house).

Think about saving a bulb or two for seed to plant in the fall.  Choose bulbs with large cloves.  The larger the cloves, the bigger the bulbs will be for next year’s harvest.

Most of all, enjoy your home grown garlic!

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