love in mist

This summer, I’ve been mostly away from my garden with a long trip to the West and West Coast (post soon) and a few trips to Minnesota.  Little did I know when I said I wanted a meadow this past winter that I may have gotten it.   It’s not really a meadow, but I did put out some wildflower seed.  The only things that seem to have taken hold, wildly, are flax, sunflowers, bachelor buttons, and a poppy.

bachelor buttons
bachelor buttons or blue cornflower
love in mist
love in mist mixed in with the strawberries
pale pink poppy

Personally, I like a self seeding garden with the likes of:

  • love in midst
  • alyssum
  • cone flower
  • snap dragons
  • cleome
  • cilantro
  • sunflower
  • chamomile
  • columbine
    che pug
    garden helper Che
    sweet alyssum
    sweet alyssum with blue denim salvia
    miniature pink hollyhock, a biennial

    cone flower
    cone flower that is a perennial but also seeds new plants each year
tomato and sunflower
sun gold tomato with a sunflower in the background

Mixed in with perennials and a few annuals, they make for a very full garden. tall garden Lucky for me, I’m back just in time for my tomatoes, along with lots of weeding and thinning.  One thing I did try earlier this season with some arugula from my sister-in-law’s garden was arugula pesto.  Substituting arugula for basil.  I also used pecans to try to sweeten it up some.  It had a pretty bitter bite, but was tasty as a topping on pizza.  Who knew?  Hope you too are enjoying your mid summer garden.

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