I have a little black spot problem with this rose. I’m hoping that the straw will help by inhibiting spores to get airborne?

Well winter really hasn’t hit Chicago much yet this year.  In fact, a few lilacs were budding and thinking it Spring.  EEEK!  The kale, sage, thyme, and some snapdragons are going strong.  That, I don’t mind.  The fresh sage and thyme were great to have for the Thanksgiving feast!  I did get some garlic in early November and hope to see their little faces come Spring.

Garlic patch with some chard and strawberries.

Potato harvest this year was a little surprising.  Since winter 2011/2012 was so mild, a few stragglers from the previous garden year gave me a nice little crop!  I do hope that this year the snow falls and the ground water is replenished.  Right now, the Earth is going through some cycle.  Whether you believe it to be global warming or just a cycle of the Earth, it’s definitely causing surprises in our generation.  With the Mississippi getting so low that there’s a threat of having to shut down freight traffic from St. Louis to Ciaro, Ill., the rise of large storms making their ways to waters that are warming up the East Coast, the fires in the West and Southwest, and the ice melting away from Greenland; we all need to make wise choices….bike/walk/mass transit/recycle/support local sustainable industries/try your hand at using solar and wind…  It’s worth it.

Remember to leave some winter interest for birdie friends to nibble on…and in hopes of some snow!

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