Often this time of the garden season, I get a little worried when I visit garden centers and see everything in full bloom.  I have to step back a bit and remember that each perennial plant has it’s time in the season to shine.  Right now, the peonies and iris are opening, roses are just starting, and clematis and columbine are taking a spotlight.  As the heat continues,  all the seeds of cleome, zinnia, and cosmos will start to grow.  A garden is a unique spot to watch nature unfold as each day you go out and find something new (or wonder “what the hell is that?”).  Over the years you’ll begin to recognize seedlings from weeds, understand which plants are best for your shady spot, and find new plants to experiment with.  So, don’t be discouraged by the wild array of blooming flowers at the garden center…if you need more color add some annuals and slowly watch your garden grow.

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