I just got my daffodils, crocus, allium, and imperial crown lilies in the mail; and with tempertures in the 70s, today’s the day to plant.  Since we made a new bed with the left over soil from the fire pit, planting was easy.  Just move soil over and cover the bulbs.

General Plan for Planting Bulbs:

  • Loosen the soil you are to plant in as much as possible.  Sometimes this is hard with summer plants already established in your beds.
  • Depth should be 2-3 times the height of the bulbs, as measured from the bottom of the bulb.
  • If you are one to add bone meal to the soil, add 1/2 tbsp (small bulb)- 1 tbsp (larger bulb) along with a little compost in the hole you are to plant the bulb in.
  • Plant nose up.
  • Recover and make sure soil is not compacted.
  • Water and wait for Spring.

If you have troubles with squirrels digging up your bulbs, try daffodils.  They don’t like them.

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