With winter comes ice, a dangerous situation for pleasant pedestrians on your walkways.  All de-icers, even the “green ones,” have a salt in them.  The harm that de-icers and salts do you your vegetation and the little paws of pups may not be worth it:  burning your plants, building up in the soil, eventually making it’s way to ground water and taking leached heavy metals with it.


Some options:

  • Elbow Grease-get out there as soon as the snow has fallen
  • Sand-this will make the slick spots visible and give you some traction
  • Bird Seed Millet-visible and a little snack for our feathered friends, avoiding drives would be best
  • Boots with Traction-getting a good pair of snow boots with soles made for ice will help you from a slip-n-fall


If you happen to live on a street where trucks spit salt during the winter months, it would be wise to make a burlap fence to protect trees and shrubs from the salt thrower’s path.


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