List of To-Dos Before the First Frost

It seems the cold is on its way to Chicago with a pretty low temperature Thursday night of about 36 degrees. 

  1. Cut a nice bouquet of flowers for yourself from the garden.  Annuals won’t survive a frost.
  2. Collect herbs to dry.  Basil can be dried, but it’s best made into pesto and frozen to enjoy throughout the the winter.
  3. Collect any green or softly turning tomatoes.  Try a green tomato recipe!
  4. Tropical plants, like Elephant Ears, can be transplanted into a pot to bring inside for the winter.
  • Cut back any diseased or dying leaves
  • Wash plant with a strong stream of water to remove any bugs
  • Dig a large area around the root system
  • Wash away excess soil
  • Prepare indoor container with potting soil and the plant
  • Water and move indoors

Veggies that will taste better with a snap of cold (harvest after the frost):  kale, chard, brussel sprouts, leeks, radish, carrots

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