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It’s the time of year that’s perfect to sit by a nighttime fire.  Fire pits can be as simple as buying a metal dish, or a little more work and making a permanent place in your garden.  Being a distance of 25 feet from any house, garage, or deck is optimal, but living in the city, most lots don’t provide that sort of space.   When planning, try to distance yourself from any flammable materials such as your home or plants. has a great outline for a dry laid fire pit.

Benefits of a dry laid fire pit:

  • rainwater can seep through to the soil
  • more oxygen can reach the fire through cracks
  • if something needs to be replaced, it’s not mortared together

Try it this weekend!

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  1. ohhh, that looks lovely AND I have a bunch of bricks in my backyard! How’s your pit?

    1. You should add one if you can, it’s great to have fires on cool nights. We are going to be giving our fire pit a new look this weekend. I’ll share pictures soon!

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