Cold Tolerant Annuals

Most of us are ready for some flowers.  Here’s a list of cold tolerant annuals that might not love the summer heat but will brighten up the Spring and beckon early pollinators!

cold tolerant seedlings (to be planted before frost free date)

  • pansy
  • viola
  • sweet pea
  • snapdragon
  • phlox

cold tolerant seeds (to be sown directly in the garden before the frost free date, seedlings are also cold tolerant once they emerge.  some of these will flower throughout the summer til frost and may reseed the following year)

  • forget-me-nots
  • California poppy
  • sweet pea
  • larkspur
  • chamomile
  • rudebeckia
  • love-in-a-mist
  • calendula

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