It’s quick, it’s fun, and it’s easy!

what you need:

  • jars, containers, hanging globes
  • pebble
  • moss
  • soil
  • small plants (either succulents, cactus, ferns, african violets, etc)
  1. decide if you are making an wet (shade and other forest floor plants) or dry (sun loving succulents and cacti) terrarium
  2. if dry, line bottom with pebbles for drainage…..if wet, line with moss, then pebbles for moisture control and drainage (drainage should be about 2 inches, unless you are working small)
  3. add layer of soil

    adding cactus and succulent soil to a dry hanging terrarium
  4. carefully add plants
  5. water and enjoy
  6. if you have made a wet terrarium, you can cover it, but if moisture beads up on the interior, let it dry out.  optimally, you want there to be an even balance of moisture so that when covered no moisture is visible.  dry terrariums can be left open.

(special thanks goes to Karen Tisel for hand modeling and sharing her lovely sun loving hanging globe terrariums)

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