Throughout time we have added significance to flowers and plants, designating them as signs of love, purity, remembrance, and friendship.  Here are some meanings and stories to ponder with our spring blooms.

  • Crocus-dedicated to St. Valentine, a healer who while in prison was helping to cure the jailer’s blind daughter, he was sentenced to death and in his last note to the girl, he enclosed a yellow crocus, which upon opening the letter, the girl’s sight was restored. cheerfulness, gladness.
  • Daffodil-hope, rebirth, and unrequited love.  the celebration of Spring.  Druid’s national flower symbolizing purity.  and so much more
  • Hyacinth-playful joy.  in Greek mythology, the name of a beautiful young boy who was loved by both Apollo and Zephyr.  Hyacinth was struck with a discus and fell dead where beautiful hyacinths then emerged.
  • Tulip-originated in Turkey and Persia, inspired tulip mania in the Netherlands where the price of one single bulb could cost more than an individual’s income, holds a general meaning of true love with colors expressing more involved definitions of love (Red-believe me  Purple-royalty  Variegated-beautiful eyes)

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