Spider Plants- Chlorophytum comosum

City life is full of pollutants.  Luckily we’ve got spider plants.  Spider plants, a member of the lily family, are air purifiers removing carbon monoxide (produced by the burning of fossil fuels) and nitrogen dioxide (produced from motor vehicles) from the air.  Originating from South Africa, this plant enjoys bright filtered light.  Direct sun will scorch its leaves.  The cascading “spiders” are easy for propagation, either put cuttings in water to root or directly in soil.  My spider plants need a trim every once and awhile.  I either start some to plant outside or just add the excess trimmings to the compost pile.  Spider plants swaying in the air can be a distraction for pets.  They’re non-toxic and like catnip are a hallucinogen for our fine felines.  Keeping them as a hanging plant creates a beautiful live mobile that is mostly out of reach.  Throughout the year, you may see them bloom delicate white flowers.  City water can be high in fluoride which may cause the ends of the leaves to brown.  You can cut the tips off and add organic matter or collect rain water for watering purposes to resolve the problem.

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