Seedlings, Transplanting to Bigger Pots

Earlier we started seeds in egg cartons and then made our closet into a grow room!

“i’m helping”-che

Now, it’s time to give the roots some more room with transplanting.  You’ll need:

  • larger containers, old plastic pots, peat pots (these are easy for transplanting outdoors)
  • compost
  • container soil
  • seedlings
  • water
  • friend (puppy dogs really enjoy this)
  1. prepare your new pots with 1/3 to 1/2 compost and the remaining part soil
  2. make an indentation for your seedling
  3. carefully remove your seedling by pushing from the bottom of the egg container and pulling slowly out (you may tear a few of the roots while doing this)
  4. place in new container and using thumbs, press near the stem to slightly compact the soil
  5. add more soil if necessary and water
  6. place back under the grow lights

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