st louis2Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, I got a chance to head over to the Missouri Botanical Garden.  I highly suggest going if you are in the St. Louis area.  Of course, it was rainy and cold, but I found their indoor rain garden and Spanish garden to be just the gems I was looking for.

st louis3As soon as you walk in, your glasses may fog up with warmth and humidity.  Perfect!  The feeling of the rain forest is so inviting and alive.  The banana trees, mangroves, and waterfalls let you forget the cold outside and relax.  Every spot of the rain garden is full,  some with vivid sculpture.

st louis1The place is in a large dome that has two separate paths, one leads down and the other around.  Take your time, even though you have to back track, you may see something you missed the first time around.

st louis4I found the Spanish garden a stunning surprise with it’s architectural focal points.  The garden has a path that wraps around and up some stairs allowing multiple viewpoints.

st louis7 st louis9 Don’t forget to check out the gift shop on the way out.  I saw so many good books.  Allow at least two hours to have a nice indoor day.



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