bookOfficially, it is Fall; and today in Chicago, we are getting rain as the cool air moves in.  Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and slow down.  The natural cycle of things now is to die down and prepare for winter.  Our gardens are looking pretty strung out, and garden season is coming to a close.

One book that is great to have for this time of year is Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health by Rosemary Gladstar.  She’s an herbalist living in Vermont.  The book is divided into sections by gender and age, as well as aliment and peace of mind.

Some of my favorites include a Chai tea recipe for longevity and Relaxing Bath Blend recipe.

Another good one recipe to have as we enter cold and flu season is Rosemary’s Hair Raising Cider.  Look for it at your library, or get a copy for yourself.  It’ll add a new element of knowledge to your garden palate.

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