20spottedWhen I think Ladybug, I think red or maybe orange.  I also know ladybugs are beneficial in the garden, feasting on aphids.  I was pretty surprised to see a little white ladybug this fall.  I did a little research to figure out just who he/she was.

And I found…Psyllobora vigintimaculata, the  twenty-spotted ladybug.  They can range in coloring from white to a yellowish, with also some orange at times.  The base coloring is always pale.  They eat fungus and powdery mildew.  Ah ha!  This makes sense!  It’s the end of the season, the zinnias, peonies, squash, and many others have powdery mildew, perfect for this little dude’s dinner.  They’re also tiny, and another name for them is “wee-tiny ladybug” (perhaps named by a Scot?).

To my delight, this reminds me to keep an organic garden.  Nature takes care of itself and has ways we may not see to keep order.  Eyes open!   Perhaps you’ll encounter this little guy in your garden.

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