rosemary in water

Rosemary, the fragrance is pungent and piney.  The taste is just wonderful when added to potatoes, omelets, or squash (to name a few).   Native to the Mediterranean, but I know it to grow into fabulously lush bushes in parts of Texas.  As for us up in the North, it’s a herb we have to start each year in our gardens.

When it comes to growing rosemary, I’ve always found it easiest to take a clipping and root it in water.   I gathered several clippings from the garden this past fall, and the roots finally seem substantial enough to pot.  It’s quite trendy these days to have rosemary topiaries for Christmas, these are great to take clippings from also.

  • From experience, I take more clippings than I think I’ll need (just in case a few perish).
  • Set in a jar of water in a sunny window (I only add to the water, never clean it out).
  • After months, these guys will start growing root hairs.
  • Prepare a pot with potting soil, and transplant the clipping, making sure to get all roots under the soil surface.
  • Water deeply (I let my Rosemary dry out between waterings).
  • Keep in a sunny warm spot.
  • Once it is past the last frost date (think mid-late May), transplant outdoors.

Good Luck and Happy Indoor Winter Gardening!!


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