The Colors of Early Spring

After months upon months of grey and brown tones, I’m happy to see the colors start coming to life.  Spring brings sweet smells of hyacinths and pansy.hyacinth

hyacinthEach year I either force some hyacinth (this requires a little planning) or buy some in late Winter so I can enjoy them when I really need it (like when the snow keeps falling and I find tears streaming down my face).  After they’ve bloomed, I plant the bulbs in my garden for years of enjoyment.


I also start seeds on the radiator and then they live in the closet under lights for about 6 weeks or more.  I’ve just started introducing them to outdoors for a few hours each day to get them ready for transplanting.  Can’t wait.

early tulip

grape hyacinth

daffodilsEarly tulips, grape hyacinths, and these little Einstein daffodils (always gotta have a smart guy in the garden) are up now, the beginning of my spring garden.  More to come!


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