fountainThis winter is so long and drawn out this year.   Getting 6 inches of snow on Tuesday didn’t help.  Luckily it is time for the Chicago flower and garden show!  You’ve got until March 17th to go… go… go, you’ll be a happier individual for it.  The streams, ponds, and beds of tulips were magical.  One water feature used dry ice to create the appearance of fog or a morning haze.water feature with dry ice


more tulips

Some interesting ideas for window boxes this year too.  The best two, in my opinion, were the lavender-ranunculus one and the edible one.

lavender box

detail lavender box


edible box with chard, pansy, nasturtium
edible box with chard, fennel, pansy, nasturtium

I was excited to see a nice vertical box as well as these twig spheres.  New projects to do this year for sure.



Everything smelled fresh and wonderful.  They had some centerpieces on exhibit as well as beautifully designed walking paths.  Really helps getting through these last moments of winter.





even a gnome cake to make you smile.
even a gnome cake to make you smile



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