When people have shade in their yard, they either don’t realize that shade is less than 4 hours of sun, or they’re bummed.   Consider it a blessing.  When it’s mid summer and 90-something degrees, you’ll be lounging and happy.  There are so many great ways to add color and unique foliage to a shade container.


  1. Think tropicals and house plants.  Many of our indoor plants are tropicals that need low light.  Consider adding them to your container, especially Swedish ivy or wandering Jew that like to spill over the sides.  Both of these can be clipped and set directly in soil to take root.
  2. Ferns
  3. Impatiens, both the New Guinea (larger flower) and common
  4. Begonias
  5. Caladium and Elephant Ears
  6. Coleus
  7. Fuschia

Most of these plants like to stay damp, not wet, but evenly moist.   Misting and watering daily will mimic their tropical origins.

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