Best Advice For Those New to Gardening

Best Advice For Those New to Gardening

  1. Ask yourself if you will tend a garden plot.  Will I have time to water and weed?
  2. Start small.  It’s best to start out with a few pots or maybe one bed.
  3. Starting with these vegetables from seed can be very rewarding:  carrots, lettuce, kale, cucumbers, beans, squash.
  4. Take a long look at the light you have coming in.
  • Is the sun shining 6-8 hours of the day?  That’s full sun.
  • Is it 4-6 hours?  Part sun.
  • Less than 4 hours?  Shade.

Don’t be afraid to mix edibles with non edible flowers.  Many flowering plants brighten up a garden and invite beneficial bugs.  Line your bed with sweet alysum.  Put a row sunflowers or zinnia in the back of a bed as to not block any light.  Intermix marigold or nasturiums between plants.  Any space large or small, when well attended (meaning daily during germination) can be fruitful and beautiful.

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