It is pretty official now, the garden is down for the winter.  Perhaps the kale and chard will last a bit longer, as well as the mums, snapdragons, and rosemary.

A little end of the season list:

  • dig up remaining dahlia bulbs to store over the winter in a dry, dark spot with a range in temperature between 40-45 degrees
  • cut down any remaining stems that may have suffered disease like powdery mildew or black spot and throw away (do not compost)….if you let these things over winter, they’ll stay in your garden and presents some serious issues next growing season
  • mound up compost or leaves around the base of roses
  • trim any branches or rose canes that may give you whiplash on a cold and windy day
  • add compost to any sites that may need leveling out in beds or yard
  • compost annuals that were healthy and don’t have seeds that birds may snack on during the winter months
  • move all pots to a safe place to overwinter…especially if they are ceramic
  • turn off your water to outdoors and drain the faucet
  • bring the hose indoors
  • cover beds with straw and wait for spring’s return

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