Prepare your Garden to Be Loved by Someone Else

We all go out of town during the summer months, and with the summer coming to a close, we’ll all try to get out one last time.  Our gardens are in full bloom and producing food.  Help out your friendly garden sitter by making it as easy as possible for them to care for your garden.

  • set all potted plants in one area for easy watering
  • set up a sprinkler with easy instructions
  • let the person know how long to set the water for and if it rains that watering isn’t necessary
  • let the person have a little harvest for themselves, some basil, tomatoes, or whatever happens to ripen while you’re gone


Your garden sitter will appreciate you taking the time to help them, and you’ll come back to a well loved plot!


I recently went out of town and had a lovely garden sitter.  It looked even happier then when I left.  Thank you Irma!

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