Easy Garden Lights

Easy Garden Lights

I love a garden as much at night as I do during the day.  When temperatures are extreme in the day, I prefer to be out in the garden at dusk.  Taking some empty wine bottles and white Christmas lights,  I made a new twinkling addition to my garden.   This project also got me thinking how easy it would to make an outdoor chandelier with the same materials….ideas for a few more wine bottles down the road.


  • wine bottles, cleaned and labels removed (goo gone works great)
  • string or two of white Christmas lights
  • bamboo sticks (to stake in the garden)
  • wire (if you want to hang them, just word of caution about water collecting in the bottle if it’s mouth is open to the sky)

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    1. I luckily have a power outlet in the back yard. If you don’t happen to have one, there are plenty of options for solar powered xmas lights. They may be a little more expensive, but probably worth it!

  1. How did you get the lights from one bottle to the other? I am trying this. The lights go in good on the first bottle and then I leave some hidden in the ground to go the other bottle but I can’t get them in the 2nd bottle.

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