Weekend Project: A Place for the Fire Pit!

This weekend, we made a formal spot for our fire pit.  Here is what our plan was an what we should have done to keep it a little less muddy.

  1. Decide on dimensions and buy materials appropriately.  Planning out is good and will make your day easier.  We thought a square would be nice to hold our round pit.
  2. Make sure you are following city code and keeping the pit far enough from your house and garage.
  3. Lay out card board to put your dug up dirt on.  We left this step out and had mud city! 
  4. Dig down enough for a layer of sand, and the depth of your brick.  For us, this was around 3 inches.  Keeping the pit on the same level as your yard will make for easy mowing.
  5. Lay a layer of sand as a even surface for your brick as well as a root barrier for random weeds that may want to live in you pit.
  6. Next line the brick.  Level the brick.  And fill the interior with rock. 
  7. The extra dirt we put into a new raised bed.
  8. Night time warmth!

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