Love in Mist, Nigella

I am currently in love with love in mist.  Last year I sowed seeds with only a few plants growing here and there in whites, pinks and blue.  However this year, the reseeded plants are just plain beautiful.  The white were the first to bloom, and now the puffy seed pods are forming, which are great for dried arrangements.  The blue is breathless, especially in contrast to red snapdragon.  I strongly suggest getting some seed.  It may take a year for them to get thick, but well worth it.  Mine are in full sun, but they can take part sun.  The delicate thin feathery leaves act to shade the soil and love in mist doesn’t seem to compete with other perennials for space, making it a nice ground cover.  Try sowing them this fall to give them a jump as if they had fallen naturally. They may end up in random places, but isn’t that the wonder of gardens.

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