Water daily, especially if in the sun.  Larger containers will hold water longer than smaller ones.  I good test is to stick your finger in the soil for the 1 inch test.  If it’s dry an inch down, water.


Garden and Lawn

Gardens (of perennials) and lawns like long waterings once a week.  This type of watering will help roots grow down deep rather than shallow.  The entire root of the plant should be soaked during watering, about 6 inches below the surface.  The best way to check is to dig.  Do it once, and it’ll be a marker for the length of time you need to leave the hose on.  Soaker hoses are better than sprinkler systems since sprinklers lose a lot of water to the air.  Water early in the morning before the heat of the day.  If you miss the morning, wait til the afternoon.  Just make sure that the leaves have time to dry before nightfall to help prevent disease.  Add compost and mulch to your garden beds to help retain moisture.  Please watch for signs that your garden needs a drink, once a week is a nice general rule of thumb, but with extreme heat, you may want to water every other or every day.


Distress Signs


  • If it is an annual or vegetable, give it some water immediately.
  • If it is a perennial, wait to see if it’s still drooping past the hottest point in the day, then water if it is.
  • If your grass doesn’t bounce back after stepping on it, water.

Dry Leaves


(Side note: new and young plants will need more attention and water, they have shallower roots since they’re small yet)


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