A bird bath helps keep your little garden friends’ feathers in tip top shape.  Birds need a place to cool off and have a drink.  Adding a bath also allows bees and wasps access to fresh water.  Baths should be 2-3 inches deep and roughly 12-24 inches in diameter. Remember to clean out the bath and add fresh water daily, the jet stream from your hose should work just fine.  While growing up in South Texas, our bird bath became the “cat fountain” for all the neighborhood cats.  It was just the right height for them to stand on their hind legs and sip the water.   Very cute….but….if you don’t want a cat party in your yard, find a bath with some height.   Many birds are attracted to the sound of running water.  If that’s attractive to you too, think about making a fountain with your bath.  It’s relatively easy to buy a pump and have a trickle of water running.   Running water also deters misquitos from laying eggs….a plus.

Bird baths come in hanging, clamping, and pedestal designs to fit your needs.

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