guerrilla gardener-This the the gardener that takes the world to be his/her own garden.  A spot of open soil is enough to inspire the green deed, from seed bombs to planned out spaces.  Just remember, once you start a spot, make sure you check up on it to weed and water.

urban farmer-The inspiring do-it-yourself-er who grows food in the setting of the city.

rooftop gardener-In attempts to cool down the beating heat of the city, many succulent rooftop gardens are becoming popular.  Almost anything can be grown on the roof provided it’s sun loving and your structure can withstand the added weight of soil, plants, and water.

balcony gardener-Given a little space of the deck, these container gardens are prefect for either food or flower.  This past summer I garden sat a little patch of earth boxes on an outdoor stairwell of a condo building.  Truly wonderful to see beans, tomatoes, arugula, herbs, and zinnias thriving on a common staircase.   Another new idea I’ve seen is making a pallet into a vertical garden.  Ingenious!

container gardener-Like much of what was mentioned above in the balcony gardener category, containers can be earth boxes, pallets, pots, found objects.  Often this is a nice alternative for growing vegetables in the city where you might be a little wary of the soil in the ground.

and some new terms from London Evening Standard

pavement pimper– A guerrilla gardener with plots.

moon bather– The 9-5er who wants to enjoy their evening garden, filled with white flowers that seem to glow in the night and with fragrant night blooms of nicotinia, moon flower and jasmine.  Look to the book, The Evening Garden by Peter Loewer, for more on the topic.

pot cropster-The window box gardener, inside or out.

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