Companion Plantings

When planning your vegetable garden this year, consider companion planting.  Certain plants grown together can be beneficial in pest control and provide greater yield.  Here are some common useful pairings.

  • tomato and basil (improves tomatoes growth and flavor)
  • broccoli and nasturtiums
  • chamomile improves the flavor of cabbages, cucumbers, and onions (considered a general tonic for the garden)
  • chives under roses helps with black spot
  • corn, bean, and pumpkin (three sisters)
  • eggplants and peppers, both nightshades
  • flax and potatoes
  • dill and lettuce
  • marigolds just help. (plant marigolds to deter pests)
  • mint is attractive to earthworms, but can be invasive, something to consider
  • sunflowers to deter aphids
  • sweet alyssum attracts pollinators and beneficial bugs, a fragrant ground cover

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