This weekend, Pete and I extended our raised beds a little.  Have a look!

  1. We moved mulch and planters around a bit.
  2. Placed broken down cardboard boxes (minus any tape or plastic) to act as a weed barrier.
  3. Laid out new plan, bricks and planters.
  4. Watered the cardboard, and added compost, then soil, then compost, then soil, etc.
  5. Planted carrots, chard, and kale (all crops that benefit from the cool weather).
  6. Watered the beds and covered any that I hadn’t seeded with newspaper to keep the weed seeds from blowing in.
  7. Now to wait for the last frost date (April 24th-ish, the chart in the link is helpful, if you live in Chicagoland, to determine the round about time in your part of the city) and warm weather to plant more.

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